Manage Hard Disks in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to create new partitions, extend partitions, create logical drives, convert from Basic to Dynamic disks, and create new and extend existing Volumes in Windows XP. Prerequisites: you have to know what is file system. Key terms: partition, volume, create, disk, extend, space, dynamic, basic, logical, drive, hard, free, primary, spanned, upgrade Configure … Read moreManage Hard Disks in XP

Convert File System in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to convert from FAT to NTFS and from NTFS to FAT in Windows XP. Prerequisites: you should know about different types of files systems that can be utilized in Windows. Key terms: convert, fat, ntfs, file, partition, drive, command, conversion, format Example Configuration In this demonstration we will see how to change … Read moreConvert File System in XP


Before you start Objectives: learn how to install IIS and how to create sites inside of IIS. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: folder, iis, web, default, directory, service, file, website, wwwroot, install, manage, content, interpub About IIS We can share our folders using the IIS so that others can access our folders via Internet Explorer. As we go … Read moreIIS in XP

Offline Files in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to configure Offline Files on XP machine. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: file, offline, folder, cache, shared, available, select, sync Conditions To set up Offline Files, we have to meet some conditions. First of all, we need to setup the off-line files capability on the ‘server’ computer. When we create a shared … Read moreOffline Files in XP

File Compression in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to manage File Compression in XP. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: folder, compression, attribute, ntfs, file, partition ZIP vs File Compression ZIP allows us to create compressed set of files. We can take a bunch of files and compress them into single entity. With File Compression we can compress a file or … Read moreFile Compression in XP

Remote Desktop in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to configure XP machine to accept Remote Desktop connections, how to initiate a Remote Desktop connection, and how to configure Firewall settings to enable Remote Desktop. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: remote, desktop, connection, user, connect, firewall, xp, internet, local, network About Remote Desktop Remote Desktop was introduced with Windows XP, however … Read moreRemote Desktop in XP

Remote Assistance in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn various methods of sending invitations for remote assistance in XP. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: invitation, remote, help, assistance, helpdesk, session, e-mail, messenger, invite Protocol Remote Assistance Protocol uses the Remote Desktop Protocol as its core protocol for making a connection. Using Remote Assistance, the help desk can establish a chat session with … Read moreRemote Assistance in XP

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