Typical Windows XP Installation Problems

Before you start Objectives: familiarize yourself with typical Windows XP installation problems and how to deal with them. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: installation, windows, switch, xp, system, bios, command, debug, default, file, information BIOS Sometimes the issues will be caused by the settings in the BIOS. Well, we may find that the BIOS sees Windows XP as … Read more

Create an Answer File for Windows XP in Setup Manager

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to create an answer file for unattended setup by using Setup Manager in Windows XP. Prerequisites: you have to know the basics of automated Windows installation. Key terms: file, create, setup, windows, answer, option, user, choose, case, screen, manager, option Setup Manager We can find Setup Manager on the Windows XP installation … Read more

Prerequisites for Network Installation of Windows XP

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is RIS server and which commands can be used to start the installation from the network share. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: network, installation, boot, ris, server, share, files, create, updates, clients, command Network Installation Installations performed from the installation source which is located on the network is great if we have … Read more

How to Upgrade From Older System to Windows XP

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to prepare for upgrading, which operating systems can be upgraded to Windows XP, and which tools and commands can be used to migrate files and settings from the old installation to the new one. Prerequisites: you should know the specifics about each type of Windows installation. Key terms: settings, files, transfer, computer, … Read more

Preparation for Windows XP Installation

Before you start Objectives: prepare for the installation and learn about general installation commands and their switches. Prerequisites: you should know about typicall Windows installation sources. Key terms: installation, start, exe, files, switch, winnt, process, run, bootable, cd, hard, hardware Before the Installation Before starting the installation we should check the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) to verify that … Read more

Internet Explorer Security in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to configure Internet Options in XP. Prerequisites: you should be aware of different Internet Options in general. Key terms: zone, site, cookie, activex, local, control, restrict, manage, privacy Example Zone Configuration We can use Internet Options in Control Panel to manage security of Internet Explorer. Let’s open Internet Options and then go … Read more

Security Templates in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to use security templates to apply security settings in XP. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: setting, group, password, policy, local, analysis, database, import, compare, member Naming Convention When we open the ‘templates’ folder, we will see several files with .inf extension. Before the ‘.inf’ extension we can see ‘ws’ or ‘dc’ added … Read more

Configure Auditing in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn how to configure local auditing on XP machine. Prerequisites: you have to know what is Windows Auditing in general. Key terms: account, event, logon, local, configure, access, user, file, policy, enable, server, monitor, record, object, fail Configuring Auditing We will use Local Group Policy to configure auditing. Let’s go to Administrative Tools and … Read more

Recover Windows XP

Before you start Objectives: learn which options are available to recover our installation when our Windows system has crashed. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: restore, asr, configuration, console, driver, installation, diskette, mode, try, boot, good, rollback, state, automated Automated System Recovery The first one we will talk about is Automated System Recovery or ASR. ASR allows us recover … Read more

Backup Tool in XP

Before you start Objectives: learn where to find and how to use Backup tool to back up and restore files in XP. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: file, restore, incremental, differential, archive, system, bit, mode, reset Backup Overview System State The system state data includes the operating system configuration information for the system. It includes the Registry, COM+ … Read more