Configure UAC in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn how to configure User Account Control (UAC) feature in Vista Prerequisites: you have to know what is UAC in Windows. Key terms: user, uac, administrator, account, credentials, prompt, uac, token, privileges Access Token When a user logs on to the system, an access token is generated for the user. The access token controls … Read more

Security Center in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn where to find Security Center and which settings can be monitored trough it. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: security, firewall, center, updates, settings, automatic, malware, software Firewall To open Security Center we can go to Control Panel > Security > Security Center. Security Center monitors four different kinds of settings. The first thing that … Read more

Microsoft Management Console in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn where to find and how to use MMC in Vista Prerequisites: you have to know what is MMC in general. Key terms: computer management, snap-in, console, mmc, service, monitor Run MMC We can open MMC by going to the Start Menu and typing in ‘mmc’ in the search menu. Image 198.1 – Empty … Read more

Task Manager in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn how to use Task Manager in Vista. Prerequisites: you should know about Task Manager in general. Key terms: task, manager, application, process, service, user, network, performance, information Open Task Manager In our case we will open Task Manager by right-clicking on Taskbar and selecting Task Manager option. There are 6 different tabs which … Read more

Set Up Accessibility Options in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn where and which options can you configure to make your computer easier to use. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: easier, mouse, keys, keyboard, access, accessibility, settings, ease, pointer, recommendation, control Ease of Access Center Place to configure accessibility settings is the Ease of Access center in Control Panel. Image 208.1 – Ease of … Read more

Configure Parental Controls in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn where can you configure Parental Controls, and which restrictions can be set. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: block, parental, controls, rating, games, web, level, account, allowed, programs, restriction, activity Availability Parental controls are designed for controlling home users with standard accounts. Parental Control is available in Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, or … Read more

Configure Aero in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn what is Aero interface, what is required to run it and where you can find Aero configuration options. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: aero, color, display, graphics, settings, video, features, performance Vista Basic Interface Windows Vista Basic interface is similar to XP. It is designed for maximum compatibility and is available in all … Read more

Join Vista to a Domain

Before you start Objectives: learn where you can find options to join a Vista computer to a domain. Prerequisites: knowledge about Active Directory environment is recommended. Key terms: domain, settings, vista, group policy, system, joining, workgroup, server Check Current State To verify if our computer is on a workgroup or a on a domain, go to the Control … Read more

Solve Problems With Vista Installation

Before you start Objectives: learn what should you check before you try and install Vista on your computer. Also, learn what common problems occur after the installation and how to deal with them. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: compatibility, device manager, hardware requirements, display problem, driver compatibility, application compatibility Before Installation Check Hardware Requirements There are several … Read more

Manage Drivers in Vista

Before you start Objectives: learn where to find Device Manager, how to work with devices and their drivers, what different labels mean, and where to find some specific options. Prerequisites: you should know what drivers are. Key terms: driver, device manager, hardware, device, rollback, installation Device Installation When installing devices we should follow the instructions that came with … Read more