Configure IPv6 in Windows 7

Before you start Objectives: Learn where and how to configure IPv6 properties in Windows 7. Prerequisites: you should know what is IPv6 and about different types of IPv6. Key terms: IPv6, address, network, configured, center, connection, link-local, bits, details, global-id Network and Sharing Center To configure TCP/IP settings in Windows 7 we have to go to the Network … Read moreConfigure IPv6 in Windows 7

Configure IPv4 in Windows 7

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to configure IPv4 settings on Windows 7 machine by using GUI and how to troubleshoot connectivity in command line. Prerequisites: you should know all about IPv4 address and about different ways to apply network settings. Key terms: IPv4, network, address, connection, IP, settings, case, center, ping Network and Sharing Center To configure TCP/IP … Read moreConfigure IPv4 in Windows 7

Migrate to Windows 7 using WET

Before you start Objectives: learn where to find WET, how to run it and which options to use in different situations. Prerequisites: you have to be familiar with migration terms and utilities. Key terms: wet, migwiz, migration, user profile, example, location, transfer, account Running Windows Easy Transfer (WET) In Windows 7 we can run WET by going to … Read moreMigrate to Windows 7 using WET

Upgrade to Windows 7 – Overview

Before you start Objectives: learn which Windows versions can be upgraded to Windows 7. Prerequisites: you should know about different ways to install Windows. Key terms: edition, version, upgrade, platform, hardware requirements Different Editions Edition upgrades can only be performed from a lower edition to a higher edition. It can be performed using installation media or using the … Read moreUpgrade to Windows 7 – Overview

Create a Windows 7 USB Installation Source

Before you start Objectives: learn how to create USB installation source by using tools available on your PC. Prerequisites: you have to have a Windows 7 installation DVD and a USB storage device with at least 4 GB of free space. Key terms: command prompt, elevated mode, usb drive preparation, diskpart, diskpart commands, bootable usb drive, windows 7 … Read moreCreate a Windows 7 USB Installation Source

Introduction to Windows 7

Before you start Objectives: learn about main features in each Windows 7 edition and what are minimum hardware requirements Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: windows 7 editions, starter, home basic, home premium, professional, enterprise, ultimate, hardware requirements, processor architecture. Windows 7 Editions There are six different Windows 7 editions: Starter Home Basic Home Premium Professional Enterprise Ultimate … Read moreIntroduction to Windows 7

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