Windows 10 Versions, Editions and Features

Windows 10 is available in several editions for desktop computers. They are: Home Pro Enterprise Education Windows 10 Internet of Things Core As the name suggests the Home version is designed for home environments. The Pro version is designed for businesses and has most of the features needed in a corporate environment. Enterprise is designed … Read moreWindows 10 Versions, Editions and Features

Security Issues Related to Network Media and Removable Media

Media security has two primary components: cabling media security and removable media security. Cabling Security Cabling is often an overlooked aspect of designing a security for a network. Unfortunately, cabling problems are a common cause of network failures. Cabling should be protected from unauthorized physical access. We must also be considerate of what type of … Read moreSecurity Issues Related to Network Media and Removable Media

Configuring Microsoft Windows Server Core 2012

To configure Server Core edition we can use the command prompt or PowerShell console. Note that any command we use for the Core edition can also be used on the full edition of Server 2012. Most of the things we can do in a command prompt we can still do in a PowerShell console through aliases. For example, if … Read moreConfiguring Microsoft Windows Server Core 2012

What is iSCSI

We can use iSCSI to create a Storage Area Network (SAN). iSCSI is a network protocol that encapsulates storage device communication data into IP packets for transmission over an Ethernet connection. This allows IP-connected hosts to access a Storage Area Network (SAN). Traditional Storage Area Networks are based on Fiber Channel. Fiber Channel SANs are very fast … Read moreWhat is iSCSI