HTTP Protocol overview on the low-level

HTTP protocol or HyperText Transfer Protocol is used to format and transmit messages on the Internet. It defines what web servers and clients have to do to accomplish data retrieval (and storage) on the Web. For example, when we enter a web address in our browser, the browser will send a HTTP formatted command to … Read more

Install PHP on Windows

When talking about web applications, PHP is the most used programming languages to build them. In this article, we will see how we can install PHP on a Windows OS machine. There are all-in-one installations which provide PHP interpreter, web server (for example Apache), and database (typically MySQL). Those are  WAMP, XAMPP, and others. But, we won’t use … Read more

Free Web Sites with GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages There are a wealth of tools and services available on the Internet that can be used to build and serve web sites completely for free. Although free, they usually have limitations in use, but those limitations are usually more than sufficient for personal use. In this example, we will create a simple web … Read more

The Benefits of Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage

Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage

The Dell EqualLogic line of iSCSI storage area networks (SAN storage) arrays gives businesses the ability to do more with less. These arrays are one of the best in their class for flexible, high-capacity storage for demand processes and are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized businesses. With Dell EqualLogic, SMBs can now manage … Read more

How To Create A Batch File in Windows 10

Batch files can be used to store a series of commands which can then used by the command line interpreter CMD as an input. As we know, CMD or Command Prompt can take various commands as input and processes them. To enter the command we open CMD and type the commands directly. The thing is, we … Read more

Useful Windows 10 Commands

Sometimes the best tool for the job is the command line, even on Windows. But we have to know how to use it. Here are some of the best command line tools for various tasks. ipconfig ipconfig can be used to quickly find out our IP address, and also for other purposes. ipconfig – show … Read more

Changing Ownership of Files in Linux

Two Files

Let’s see how to change file ownership on linux system. In our example we have two files owned by cicnavi user (enter ls -l to show files with long listing). To change the ownership of the files we can use the chown command. This command can only be run by the root user.  Chown command can … Read more

Managing Services in Windows 10

Startup Types

Windows services are like applets that run in the background. They can be from Microsoft and and also from third parties. They manage everything from your print queue to automatically updating apps in the background. Sometimes we might not want particular services to be running, maybe because of high CPU usage, or maybe it’s not … Read more

Usefull Windows 10 Utilities

Windows 10 includes really useful tools and utilities that can help us when administering the operating system. We’ll mention some of them here Windows Accessories In Windows 10 we still have well-known Windows Accessories folder. It is available in Start Menu > All Apps > Windows Accessories. Here we see classics like Notepad, Paint, Math Input … Read more