HTTP, HTTPS, SSL and TLS Explained

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and this is probably the most widely used protocol in the world today. HTTP is the protocol that is used for viewing web pages on the Internet. When you type in a web address, like, you’ll notice that HTTP is automatically added at the beginning of the web … Read more

6 Things You Must Do When You Get a New PC

Breaking out your new PC is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. You unwrap the plastic, plug in the charger, and power on to a faster, more seamless Windows experience. After you enjoy the thrill of the unboxing, it’s time to get your new setup configured. If you want to get the … Read more

NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, ext4 File Systems Explained

File system is a standard for organizing data on a storage device like a hard drive or a solid state drive. It is applied when you format a drive or partition. Today there are lots of different file systems in use with the choices available depending on the operating system you’re using and the type … Read more

Linux File System Structure Explained

Most people who have used Linux have seen the root directory but not everybody understands what the directories are used for. When a Windows user opens the file manager, everything looks good when they are in their home folder, however, problems start when they explore up the tree looking for the “C Drive” :). For … Read more

Great Free Software for Windows 10, 2019

DaVinci Resolve For anyone who wants a great professional, free video editor program there is a DaVinci Resolve. For a long time this program has been one of the best color grading software’s out there. It was used on films like X-Men and Tomorrowland (though it was exclusively used for just color grading, not editing). … Read more

Free High Quality Stock Photos Websites 2019

Using stock photos for your projects doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to the many great websites that give you access to millions of stock images for free. You can use high-quality stock images on websites, blogs, YouTube videos or any other type of project that you’re working on. The photos on these sites are … Read more

Top 5 free PDF Editors in 2019

If you wonder what’s the best free Adobe Acrobat Pro alternative for editing PDF files, there is no simple answer. Adobe created and still owns most of the technologies associated with the PDF file format. While you won’t find any free options with the full feature set of Adobe Acrobat Pro there are free PDF … Read more