Free High Quality Stock Photos Websites 2019

Using stock photos for your projects doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to the many great websites that give you access to millions of stock images for free. You can use high-quality stock images on websites, blogs, YouTube videos or any other type of project that you’re working on. The photos on these sites are … Read more

HTTP Protocol overview on the low-level

HTTP protocol or HyperText Transfer Protocol is used to format and transmit messages on the Internet. It defines what web servers and clients have to do to accomplish data retrieval (and storage) on the Web. For example, when we enter a web address in our browser, the browser will send a HTTP formatted command to … Read more

Install PHP on Windows

When talking about web applications, PHP is the most used programming languages to build them. In this article, we will see how we can install PHP on a Windows OS machine. There are all-in-one installations which provide PHP interpreter, web server (for example Apache), and database (typically MySQL). Those are  WAMP, XAMPP, and others. But, we won’t use … Read more

Free Web Sites with GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages There are a wealth of tools and services available on the Internet that can be used to build and serve web sites completely for free. Although free, they usually have limitations in use, but those limitations are usually more than sufficient for personal use. In this example, we will create a simple web … Read more