Global Catalog

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is Global Catalog and why it is used. Prerequisites: you have to know what is Active Directory. Key terms: Global Catalog, Domain Controller, DC, GC, replication.  What is Global Catalog Global Catalog (GC) is a database which contains replicated parts (attributes) of objects from the whole forest. So, it includes all objects … Read more

What is Active Directory

Before you start Objectives: learn the difference between Workgroup and a Domain. Learn the definition of Active Directory, what objects does it contain, about the structure of Active Directory and about Group Policy. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: workgroup, domain, active directory, objects, structure, trust, organizational unit, site, example. Workgroup Versus Domain When we create a collection of … Read more

Server Rollback Plan

Before you start Objectives: Learn what we should always have in mind when doing a server upgrade. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: rollback, plan, backup, ASR, documentation  Rollback Plan Prior to doing an upgrade of server installation, we should always have a rollback plan in the case something goes wrong. For example, if server is nonfunctional after an … Read more

Server Storage Specifics

Before you start Objectives: Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of common storage interfaces in server environments. Prerequisites: you have to know all about typical storage devices and their interfaces. Key terms: disk, SCSI, hard, SATA, drive, storage, PATA, system, server, controller, master  Hot Swappable Hard Drives The first thing we should ensure is that our server supports … Read more

The Importance of Physical Security of Servers

Before you start Objectives: Familiarize yourself with general rules of thumb when considering physical security of servers and backup storage. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: server, room, security, backup, physical, access, ensure, control, data, key, locked  Physical Security We always have to remember that threats can come from the network, but there’s also a risk from physical attacks. … Read more

Overview of Different Application Server Models

Before you start Objectives: learn what is application server, what is thin-client and what is fat-client, and about different types of application server models. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: application, server, model, network, client, type, hardware, time, multiple, physical, software  What is Application Server The term “application server” identifies services that are running on the server hardware. An … Read more

Introduction to Servers

Before you start Objectives: learn the difference between physical server and software server, and why do we need servers at all. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: network, hardware, service, software, system, fast, workstation, client, efficient, process, request Server as Physical Hardware When we say Server, and we are talking about hardware, we are talking about a computer system that … Read more

Description of Typical Network Services on Servers

Before you start Objectives: Familiarize yourself with the services such as File and Print, WWW, FTP, E-mail, Faxing, Remote Access, DHCP, DNS and WINS. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: server, network, ip, address, access, print, workstation, dhcp, send, web, files, dns File and Print Service This is the most frequently used network service. It provides users with file … Read more

Overview of Typical Windows Server Roles

Before you start Objectives: learn about common server roles which can be used in Windows environment. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: network, server, proxy, services, web, segment, firewall, internet, applications, gateway, router What are Server Roles Role is a set of features and services that are required to perform a specific function on the server and in that way … Read more

Difference Between The Network And The Workstation Operating Systems

Before you start Objectives: Learn the difference between the workstation OS and the network (server) operating system. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: operating, network, workstation, system, server, windows, design, users, services, run Workstation Operating System Workstation operating system are for example, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and similar. Workstation operating system is primarily designed … Read more