Network Security Zones

Before you start Objectives: Learn about different types of network security zones and when are they used. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: intranet, extranet, LAN, private network, DMZ, NAT  Security Zone Security zone is a portion of a network that has specific security requirements set. Security zones are often separated by traffic control devices such as a firewall … Read more

Network Devices and Security

Before you start Objectives: Learn on which devices should we about when talking about network security. Prerequisites: you should have a basic knowledge of devices used in computer networks. Key terms: security, router, switch, server, workstation  Network Components When designing a secure computer network, we need to consider all of the components of our computer network. This includes … Read more

Introduction to Network Access Protection (NAP)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is Network Access Protection (NAP), its parts, and why it is used. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: NAP, client, server, role, network access, protection.  What is NAP It is important for all computers in our network to have an antivirus software installed and to be up to date with the latest security … Read more

What is Firewall

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is Firewall and why should we use it. You will also learn about the specifics of built-in firewall in Windows operating systems. Prerequisites: you should understand OSI Model. Key terms: firewall, packet, Internet, computer, inbound, network, outbound, packets, configure What is Firewall Firewall is a hardware device or a software running on … Read more

Overview of Denial of Service Attacks

Before you start Objectives: Familiarize yourself with some common types of DoS attacks and some general ways to deal with them. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: attack, packet, system, type, victim, dos, server, syn, network, traffic, denial, icmp, service What is Denial of Service (DoS) Denial of Service is a network attack which overloads a system in a … Read more

Overview of Four Main Access Control Models

Before you start Objectives: learn how do we classify different access methods and access method characteristics. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: access, control, data, level, method, clearance, mac, resources, dac, owner, users Mandatory Access Control or MAC MAC is a static access control method. Resources are classified using labels. Clearance labels are assigned to users who need to … Read more

What Is Social Engineering And How To Protect Yourself

Before you start Objectives: learn about different social engineering techniques and about different protection measures. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: information, social, sensitive, user, person, attacker, network, administrator, approach, password, authority What is Social Engineering Social engineering is an attempt to deceitfully acquire sensitive information from users. It exploits human nature by convincing someone to reveal information, gain … Read more

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is DEP and why it is used. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: DEP, Windows, Data Execution Prevention  Data Execution Prevention DEP helps prevent damage to our computer from viruses and other security threats. Certain malware can attack our operating system by executing programs from computer memory that is only reserved for the … Read more

Different Types of System Vulnerabilities and Attacks

Before you start Objectives: Learn about different types of system exploitation attacks and which measures should be performed for protection. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: software, access, buffer, system, back, overflow, attacker, control, type, attack, door What is Back Door Back Door is an access method which is not protected, and which is not monitored by our security … Read more

Types of Malware and Guidelines for Protection

Before you start Objectives: learn the specifics about viruses, worms, trojan horse, spyware, adware, grayware, spam and how to protect against malicious software. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: software, computer, malicious, virus, file, spyware, adware, antivirus, code, grayware, legitimate, email Types of Malware Malware is malicious code intended to take control or damage our computer operating system without … Read more