Explanation of Asymmetric Cryptography

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is asymmetric cryptography, how does it work, and about different implementations. Prerequisites: you should know what is symmetric cryptography. Key terms: key, cryptography, private, receiver, asymmetric, public, message, symmetric, encrypted, digital Key Pairs In asymmetric cryptography system both the sender and the receiver have their own key pair which consists of one … Read moreExplanation of Asymmetric Cryptography

Explanation of Symmetric Cryptography

Before you start Objectives: Find our the specifics about symmetric cryptography and about specific algorithms that are often used. Prerequisites: you should know what is cryptography in general. Key terms: key, cryptography, bit, DES, symmetric, encryption, RC, algorithm, block, cipher, private What is Symmetric Cryptography The specific thing about symmetric cryptography is that both the sender and receiver … Read moreExplanation of Symmetric Cryptography

Introduction to Cryptography

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is encryption, why it is used, what are its primary parts, and what are its features. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: data, encryption, key, used, cipher, cryptography, algorithm, keys, called, ensure, access What is Cryptography Cryptography is the science of hiding sensitive communication from unintended recipients, while allowing the intended recipients to … Read moreIntroduction to Cryptography

Authentication Protection Techniques

Before you start Objectives: Learn which protocols are used to protect the authentication process itself. Prerequisites: you have to know what authentication is. Key terms: authentication protection, Kerberos, authentication, PAP, CHAP, EAP  Protecting Authentication To protect authentication itself, we need to implement some type of protocol. For example, this can be Kerberos, PAP, CHAP, EAP, etc. All of … Read moreAuthentication Protection Techniques

Types of Authentication

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is authentication, and about different common types of authentication. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: authentication, password, token, biometrics, two-factor.  What is Authentication Authentication is the testing of claimed user identity. It is used to establish a users identity and ensure that the users are who they say they are. Authentication is the … Read moreTypes of Authentication

Managing Local Authentication in Windows

Before you start Objectives: learn which tools can be used in Windows OS to manage authentication locally. These include Credentials Manager, Runas command utility, and Account Policies. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: password, user, Windows, account, authentication, policies, users, credentials, command Credentials Manager Windows OS has a set of tools that help remedy some of the authentication challenges. … Read moreManaging Local Authentication in Windows

Authentication Versus Authorization

Before you start Objectives: Learn the difference between authentication and authorization, and how are those two implemented in Windows operating systems. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: authentication, Windows, user, smart card, rights, authorization, computer, groups, cards, biometric Authentication vs Authorization There are two key terms we need to be familiar with when it comes to security and restrictions. … Read moreAuthentication Versus Authorization

Overview of Different Authentication Attacks

Before you start Objectives: Familiarize yourself with different types of authentication attacks and general ways to prevent them. Prerequisites: no requirements. Key terms: attacks, network, spoofing, attacker. authentication, packet, client, legitimate, private What is Spoofing There are several types of spoofing attacks. The first one is packet spoofing, which means that the source and/or destination addresses of a … Read moreOverview of Different Authentication Attacks

Switches and Security

Before you start Objectives: Learn about switch security features such as VLANs, MAC address filtering, and port authentication. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: VLAN, port security, port authentication, switch, security Switch Functions Early switches performed a single function, they switch packets between switch ports based on the MAC address. As switches have evolved, switch functions went beyond simple … Read moreSwitches and Security

Network Security Zones

Before you start Objectives: Learn about different types of network security zones and when are they used. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: intranet, extranet, LAN, private network, DMZ, NAT  Security Zone Security zone is a portion of a network that has specific security requirements set. Security zones are often separated by traffic control devices such as a firewall … Read moreNetwork Security Zones