Securing Your PC: How to Choose an Antivirus Software For Windows 10

Win 10 PCs

Protecting your PC is something you should definitely prioritize. Fortunately, your Windows 10 PC is already partially protected with its built-in Windows Defender. Microsoft gave its pre-installed antivirus a massive upgrade in 2018, which added a sandbox mode to Windows Defender, effectively making it both an antivirus and an anti-malware software. As a result, your … Read more

Data Loss Prevention and Protection

Data in today’s digital world is no less than an asset. All the personal pictures, documents, files, folders etc comprise of data. Furthermore, in corporate terms data can be client information or an application database that plays a crucial role in the operations of organization. Now that we understand the importance of data, let’s start … Read more

Using Proxies to Protect Your Brand

With hacking, malware, and major data breaches at an all-time high, cybersecurity has become a very real issue for burgeoning brands, especially those with an active web presence. Browsing sites and using apps while displaying your actual IP address could make your brand vulnerable to cyber-attacks or expose you to the risk of having your … Read more

What is Ethical Hacking

Hacking  is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to data in a system or to make a system do something it was not designed to do. The job of the ethical hacker is to discover loopholes in the system from the perspective of the hacker. It’s often a controversial perspective but it’s very beneficial to the … Read more

Malware targeting the Internet of Things

Cyber Attack

When we talk about malware or cyber attacks, we only tend to think about PCs or phones. They certainly are the most affected since they are the most widely used devices, which is why cyber criminals target them. However, threats are not exclusive to these devices. Malware threats targeting the Internet of Things have grown … Read more

General guidelines for securing operating systems and networks

When we want to strengthen the security of the system, we we need to follow some basic guidelines. For hardening or locking down an operating system (OS) we first start with security baseline. Then we have to make sure that we’re using file systems that supports security, keep our OS patched and remove any unneeded services, protocols or applications. In general, … Read more

Security Issues Related to Network Media and Removable Media

Media security has two primary components: cabling media security and removable media security. Cabling Security Cabling is often an overlooked aspect of designing a security for a network. Unfortunately, cabling problems are a common cause of network failures. Cabling should be protected from unauthorized physical access. We must also be considerate of what type of … Read more

Key Management Principles

Before you start Objectives: Learn about some common principles and terms when it comes to key management. Prerequisites: you have to know what is PKI. Key terms: key, certificate, deployment, facts, principles, PKI, management  What to have in mind There are some basic things that we should have in mind when working with keys. For example, key length … Read more

Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is PKI, what are its components, and how do they work together. Prerequisites: you should know what is cryptography. Key terms: CA, certificate, PKI, model, trust, Cas, key, authority, environment, organization, list PKI PKI is based on standard protocol X.509 which defines the structure and content of certificates. PKI can be used … Read more

Examples of Cryptographic Attacks

Before you start Objectives: Learn about general cryptographic attacks, and how to deal with them. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: attack, password, attacker, algorithm, hash, key, cryptographic, database, discover Password Attack Attacks related to passwords are often password cracking or password guessing. Attackers attempt to discover passwords by attempting reversed hash matching on stolen hashed passwords from databases. … Read more