Terms Used in Networking

Before you start Objectives: learn the difference between network, subnet, internetwork, Internet, intranet, and extranet. Prerequisites: you should know what do we need to create basic computer network. Key terms: postal service analogy, cables, connectors, ip address, network, subnet, local area network, wide area network, internet, intranet, extranet Postal Service Analogy Cables and Connectors Imagine … Read more

Overview of Network Types and Topologies

Before you start Objectives: learn about different types of networks and on what basis it can be classified. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: network classification, host roles, peer-to-peer, client-server, geographic proximity, local area network, wide area network, metropolitan area network, personal area network, network topologies, bus topology, ring topology, star topology, mesh topology, physical topology, … Read more

Introduction to Computer Networks

Before you start Objectives: learn what is computer network, why do we use it and what do we need to create basic network. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: network, connections, systems, media, communication, sharing, interface, usage, protocol, collaboration. Systems The first thing we need to have are the systems which we want to interconnect and have them communicate. … Read more

IP version 4 Address

Before you start Objectives: learn what is IP address, how it is constructed, how to convert it between its decimal and binary form, which IP address classes are there, and what is Subnetting. Prerequisites: no prerequisites Key terms: address, ip, subnet, network, class, decimal, binary, mask, host, octet, number, value, broadcast, class Addressing Each computer … Read more