IP Assignment

Before you start Objectives: learn when we should use static and when dynamic IP assignment. Learn what is DHCP, how do hosts obtain IP lease, when is APIPA used and what is Alternate IP Configuration. Prerequisites: you should know what is IPv4 address and what is IPv6 address. Key terms: DHCP, address, server, host, APIPA, lease, static, alternate, … Read moreIP Assignment

Connect Ethernet Devices

Before you start Objectives: learn which UTP cable to use when connecting different network devices. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: ethernet, crossing, uplink, port, cable, crossover, router, connector, wire, switch, hub Connect Two Computers In the first example let’s look at two computers that need to communicate. They both have NICs installed, and on the picture we can … Read moreConnect Ethernet Devices

Ethernet Standards

Before you start Objectives: learn about different Ethernet standards – their speed, maximum bandwidth, type of medium which can be used, and maximum segment length. Prerequisites: you should be familiar with Twisted Pair cable and Fiber optic cable. Key terms: fiber, cable, ethernet, maximum, duplex, multimode, mbps, bandwidth, distance, optic, segment, transmission, medium, mode, speed, lenght, pair, twisted, … Read moreEthernet Standards

Internetwork Devices

Before you start Objectives: learn which devices can be used to connect different networks, and how data is transferred between networks using routing devices. Prerequisites: you have to know what is a MAC address. Key terms: address, router, ip, mac, frame, packet, layer, hop, firewall, subnet, switch Router The first internetwork device we’ll talk about is a Router. Router … Read moreInternetwork Devices

Single Subnet Devices

Before you start Objectives: learn which devices are used to connect devices whitin a single subnet and what are the differences between a Hub, Bridge, Switch and a Wireless AP. Prerequisites: you should be familiar with OSI model layers. Key terms: address, device, mac, hub, frame, bridge, wireless, switch, port, message, access, segment, forward Hub The first device … Read moreSingle Subnet Devices

MAC Address

Before you start Objectives: learn what is MAC address, how and when it is used, and which protocols are associated with it. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: address, mac, destination, ip, frame, source, layer, packet, adapter, broadcast, arp, rarp, ffff, card MAC Specs An Ethernet MAC address is a 12 character number (48 bit) that uniquely identifies each … Read moreMAC Address

Types of Network Interface Cards

Before you start Objectives: learn what is Network Card, Transciever, Modem and Media Converter. Prerequisites: no prerequisites Key terms: media, transceiver, ethernet, signal, architecture, adapter, digital, modem, transmission, converter, gbic, copper, encoding Architecture Dependance Network Adapters are architecture specific. In other words, if we are connecting to an Ethernet network we need to have an Ethernet NIC. They’re … Read moreTypes of Network Interface Cards