Overview of Infrared (IrDA) and Bluetooth Standards

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is infrared wireless connection and its specifics, and what is Bluetooth and its specifics. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: Bluetoots, devices, Infrared, mode, light, signal, uses, distance, IrDA, network, PAN, wireless  Infrared (IrDA) Infrared technology uses light waves that are just passed the visible light spectrum. The light used comes from three … Read moreOverview of Infrared (IrDA) and Bluetooth Standards

Wireless Security

Before you start Objectives: Learn about common authentication types and security implementations used in wireless networks today. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: key, wireless, authentication, WPA, encryption, security, network, WEP, AP, server Security First wireless networks were not very secure. Trough time, security of wireless networks has improved. To protect our wireless network we must configure authentication and … Read moreWireless Security

Overview of 802.11 Wireless Standards

Before you start Objectives: Learn about different wireless standards and their specifics, including 802.11n. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: 802.11n, channels, network, standards, wireless, frequency, range, devices, GHz Standards The wireless standards that we are going to talk about here are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Different standards work on different frequency ranges. Frequency The reason why the frequency … Read moreOverview of 802.11 Wireless Standards

Introduction to Wireless Networking

Before you start Objectives: Learn the basics about frequencies, architecture, and media access method used in wireless networks. Prerequisites: you should know the types of network topologies used. Key terms: wireless, network, device, BSS, data, frequency, AP, topology, method, access Radio Frequency Radio Frequency waves replace physical wires as the medium which we use to transfer data on … Read moreIntroduction to Wireless Networking

Introduction to Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is VPN, why do we use it, and which tunneling and authentication protocols are used with VPN technology. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: VPN, tunneling, security, protocols, authentication.  What is VPN Typically, private networks are not accessible from the Internet or other public networks, because firewalls will block all unrequested traffic. To … Read moreIntroduction to Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Introduction to Voice over IP (VoIP)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is VoIP, why should we use it, and which protocols are associated with VoIP. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: network, data, phone, VoIP, voice, digital, analog, IP, calls, protocols How Does VoIP Work Voice over IP is a protocol which can be used to send voice data over data network (packet switched … Read moreIntroduction to Voice over IP (VoIP)

What is Network Address Translation

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is Network Address Translation (NAT), what is Port Address Translation (PAT), and about different types of NAT. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: NAT, address, IP, private, network, public, router, hosts, Internet, port, static, request Definition The feature which is used to address the problem of the shortage of IPv4 addresses is the … Read moreWhat is Network Address Translation

Overview of Different Routing Protocols

Before you start Objectives: Learn which different routing protocols can be used and what are their characteristics. Prerequisites: you must know which different specs can a routing protocol have. Key terms: protocol, area, rip, routers, routing, areas, different, actually, information, is-is, ospf Routing Information Protocol (RIP) RIP is actually one of the oldest routing protocol. RIP is an … Read moreOverview of Different Routing Protocols

Introduction to Routing Protocols

Before you start Objectives: learn what is routing protocol and which characteristics can a routing protocol have. Prerequisites: you have to know what a router is, and how to subnet an IPv4 address. Key terms: routing, routers, network, information, protocol, link, method, metric, router, path, subnet Routing Protocol Definition Routing protocols are used by routers to learn and … Read moreIntroduction to Routing Protocols

Introduction to Routing

Before you start Objectives: learn what is routing, what are routing protocols, why do we use dynamic routing configuration, and why do we sometimes use static route configuration. Prerequisites: you should already know about different Layer-3 devices such as routers, firewalls and layer 3 switches. Key terms: routing, network, router, address, table, destination, route, protocol, ip, packet, static … Read moreIntroduction to Routing