Installing Ubuntu Linux Demonstration

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to install Ubuntu on a new computer. Step-by-step installation process. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: installation, ubuntu, partition, case, choose, computer, install, select, button, free, swap Getting the ISO Image In our example we will install desktop version of Ubuntu which can be downloaded from official Ubuntu download page. So, the first … Read more

What to Know Before Installing Linux

Before you start Objectives: familiarize yourself with typical installation process of any Linux distribution. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: installation, linux, use, distribution, boot, network, process, cd, packages, server, based Distribution As you should already know, Linux actually comes in distributions. The first thing we need to do is choose the Linux distribution which we will install. To … Read more

Which Linux Distribution To Choose

Before you start Objectives: learn what is the difference between Linux intended for servers and Linux intended for workstations, what are Linux distributions and common Linux distribution families. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: linux, distributions, package, debian, family, rpm, hat, manager, red, used, components Network vs Workstation Operating System Linux can be used either as a server or … Read more

Introduction to Linux

Before you start Objectives: learn the history of Linux and the different types of licences. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: source, licence, software, code, cost, free, minix, gnu, public, artistic, linus, project Unix Thompson and Ritchie designed UNIX operating system to be something radically different then what was currently begin used. Because of its availability and portability it … Read more

Script Files in Linux

Before you start Objectives: Learn what are scripts, how can we use existing ones and create new ones. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: file, command, scripts, use, variable, script, example, profile, run What are Scripts Script is a command or multiple commands stored in a file. In Linux, the shell can read scripts and execute each command in … Read more

Overview of Linux File System Directory Structure

Before you start Objectives: Familiarize yourself with typical directory structure on Linux systems and how Linux sees everything as a file. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: file, system, directory, folder, inside, linux, root, hard, link, bin, applications, lib, sbin Concept of Files on Linux System In general UNIX is designed to treat everything like a file. As far … Read more

Linux Architecture

Before you start Objectives: learn how the Linux system distributions are built and why is modularity important in the World of Linux. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: linux, system, kernel, operating, gui, shell, windows, desktop, applications, manager Kernel On top of the hardware there is the kernel of the operating system. The kernel is the core component of … Read more

Explore the File System in Ubuntu by Using GUI

Before you start Objectives: familiarize yourself with the default browsing utility in Ubuntu which is called Nautilus. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: file, folder, ubuntu, system, home, linux, default, desktop, nautilus, utility, browse Graphical User Interface As in Microsoft Windows, we can also explore the file system in Ubuntu by using GUI. The default desktop environment for Ubuntu … Read more