Introduction to Fiber Channel

Before you start Objectives: learn what Fiber Channel is, when it should be used, and what components does it require. Prerequisites: you should know what is PATA, SATA, SCSI, RAID, and about fiber optic cables. Key terms: fiber channel, FC, fiber, optic cable, storage system  What is Fiber Channel (FC) When we install storage devices in our computer, … Read more

Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) Specifics and Installation

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is SCSI, how it is used, how it is configured, which SCSI standards exist, and how do different connectors look like. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: SCSI, devices, bus, device, connector, wide, cable, ID, high, MHz, controller, density, bit What is SCSI SCSI is an interface for connecting many different types of … Read more

PATA Storage Device Specifics and Installation

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is the difference between IDE, EIDE and ATA, how does PATA work, and how do we install PATA drives. Prerequisites: Key terms: ATA, drive, IDE, hard, controller, cable, devices, master, MBps, BIOS, EIDE  Original IDE or ATA-1 We will often hear the terms IDE, ATA, EIDE, PATA, all used interchangeably to indicate … Read more

Computer Storage Devices

Before you start Objectives: Learn which different storage devices are there and which technologies they are using. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: disk, drive, hard, data, flash, tape, memory, surface, information, floppy, read, access, head, optical, platter, ram, dvd, cd Hard Disk Drive A hard disk is a magnetic disk encased in a thick protective shell. Hard disk drives … Read more

Common Issues With Portable Computers

Before you start Objectives: learn how to deal with common problems that typically arise on portable computers. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: system, notebook, lcd, power, monitor, display, keyboard, pad, battery, key, mouse, plug, screen, cable Problems With Power Electrical power that comes out of standard wall outlet is AC power or alternating current. Our laptop needs DC … Read more

Power Management Concepts on Portable Computers

Before you start Objectives: learn about different power management specifications and why is power management so important. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: acpi, apm, bios, device, state, management, schemes, shut, cpu, hard, os, pc, ram, support, disk, hibernate How to Reduce Power Consumption We can reduce the amount of power that a PC system consumed significantly by shutting … Read more

Different Types of Portable Computers and Their Specifics

Before you start Objectives: learn about different types of portable computers, about their specific design, typical expansion slots that they use, different types of batteries that are used, about power management, and typical ports. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: battery, notebook, system, type, power, pcmcia, portable, card, laptop, port, expresscard, memory, nicad, external Types of Portable Computers Notebook … Read more

Sound Card

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is sound card, how does it work, different audio technologies that it utilizes, and which connectors can it have. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: audio, digital, analog, sample, wave, channel, standard, dolby, bit, hz, connector, interface Sound Waves The task of a sound card in a PC system is to convert digital … Read more

Common Video Ports and Connectors

Before you start Objectives: Learn which interfaces we can use to connect various video adapters and display devices. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: cable, analog, dvi-d, pin, hdmi, monitor, displayport, dvi-i, male, vga, audio, dvi-a, composite, connection, digital, output, s-video, crt, d-sub, dms, dual-link, hdtv, din, dvi D-Sub (VGA) A D-sub (also called VGA) connector uses a DB-15 … Read more