What is a mainframe computer


Supercomputers are great at number crunching to complete extremely complex tasks like weather forecasting, medical research and crypto analysis. With mainframes the focus is more on throughput and reliability.

NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, ext4 File Systems Explained

File system is a standard for organizing data on a storage device like a hard drive or a solid state drive. It is applied when you format a drive or partition. Today there are lots of different file systems in use with the choices available depending on the operating system you’re using and the type … Read more

What is Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)

We already wrote about Fiber Channel, and if you remember, the default configuration for using a Fiber Channel system is to install a fiber channel card in our server and connect it to a Fiber Channel switch using fiber optic cable. All the transmission between server and the storage device goes through fiber-optic cabling. We can, … Read more

Types of Printers And Their Interfaces

Before you start Objectives: learn how do dot matrix, ink jet, solid ink, dye sublimation and laser printers work, and which type of interface can they use. Prerequisites: no prerequisites Key terms: ink, paper, print, dot, matrix, jet, head, solid, laser, pins, dye, quality, ribbon, usb, parallel Dot Matrix Printer A dot matrix printer is an impact printer … Read more

Introduction to Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is NAS, when it is used, and how it is configured. Prerequisites: you should know what is SAN. Key terms: NAS, description, network storage, server  What is NAS If we are implementing a file server on our computer network, and we need to implement huge amounts of storage space for our users … Read more

Introduction to Storage Area Network (SAN)

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is SAN, typical terms used with SAN, and what is clustering. Prerequisites: you should know what is Fiber Channel. Key terms: SAN, Initiator, Target, storage device, Fiber Channel, Clustering  What is SAN SAN is very different from classic PATA or SATA storage devices.  Instead of installing the hard disk drive inside of … Read more

Important RAID Arrays Explained

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is RAID and how most important RAID levels work. Prerequisites: no prerequisites Key terms: disk, data, hard, striping, parity, controller, mirroring, parity, jbod RAID Implementation Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a disk subsystem that combines multiple physical disks into a single logical storage unit. Depending on the configuration, a RAID … Read more

Blu-ray Disc (BD)

Before you start Objectives: learn what is Blu-ray and different types of Blu-ray disks. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: laser, dvd, drive, layer, read, blue, information, red, single, difference, double, format Blu-ray Design Blu-ray drive uses a similar technology as CDs and DVDs, however there is difference and that is the color of the laser used to read … Read more

DVD Versions and Variations

Before you start Objectives: Learn what is DVD, existing versions of DVD, and which technologies are used to create DVDs. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: disk, data, dvd-r, cd, dvd-rw, video, speed, drive, lase, single, hold, rw, digital, layer, read DVD Design Compared to CD, DVD is a newer generation of optical disk storage technology. DVD is an … Read more

CD Versions and Variations

Before you start Objectives: Learn which versions of CDs exists and which technologies they are using. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: cd-r, rom, rw, data, disk, drive, speed, standard, write, read, laser, book CD Design CD was originally designed to hold 74 minutes of audio. Now we can also buy a CD which can hold 80 minutes of … Read more