Windows 10 Features You Wish You Knew Earlier

Windows 10 has a huge number of features which continue to grow larger with each new update from Microsoft. We’ll go trough the useful features that you should be using to enhance your overall experience with Windows 10. Disk Cleanup Most of you should be familiar with this one. Disk Cleanup is an older utility … Read moreWindows 10 Features You Wish You Knew Earlier

Difference between SaaS, Paas and IaaS

Cloud computing is where software applications, data storage and processing capacity are accessed over the Internet. In this article we’ll going to examine the three ways to “cloud compute”. The three building blocks of cloud computing are software-as-a-service or SaaS, platforms-as-a-service or PasS and infrastructure-as-a-service or IaaS. All of these allow users to run applications and … Read moreDifference between SaaS, Paas and IaaS