What is Port Forwarding

Port forwarding allows computers over the Internet to connect to a specific computer or service within a private network. It’s basically making your computer accessible over the Internet, even though you’re behind a router. For example, let’s say a friend of yours at their home wants to remotely control your computer at your home using … Read more

What is syslog

Syslog is a standardized way of producing log information. This is really popular in Linux computers or UNIX computers, while Windows does a similar thing with the Event Log. Pretty much all routers, switches, firewalls, wireless controllers, and all sorts of other devices out there can produce syslog data. As your network grows you’ll find … Read more

What is a mainframe computer


Supercomputers are great at number crunching to complete extremely complex tasks like weather forecasting, medical research and crypto analysis. With mainframes the focus is more on throughput and reliability.

Securing Your PC: How to Choose an Antivirus Software For Windows 10

Win 10 PCs

Protecting your PC is something you should definitely prioritize. Fortunately, your Windows 10 PC is already partially protected with its built-in Windows Defender. Microsoft gave its pre-installed antivirus a massive upgrade in 2018, which added a sandbox mode to Windows Defender, effectively making it both an antivirus and an anti-malware software. As a result, your … Read more

Network Troubleshooting using PING, TRACERT, IPCONFIG, NSLOOKUP commands

This article is about a series of network troubleshooting tools that you can use in command prompt to troubleshoot and gather information about your network. We’re going to go over four commands: “ipconfig”, “nslookup”, “ping”, and “tracert”. ipconfig The “ipconfig” displays the current information about your network such as your your IP and MAC address, … Read more

What is a Kernel

Walnut kernel

If you work with computers, or hang around computers long enough, you might come across this term “kernel”. In this article we will see what the kernel is, why is it important and where did it come from. Thing that most people forget is all that computers are doing is following instructions, repeating one instruction … Read more