The Benefits of Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage

Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage

The Dell EqualLogic line of iSCSI storage area networks (SAN storage) arrays gives businesses the ability to do more with less. These arrays are one of the best in their class for flexible, high-capacity storage for demand processes and are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized businesses. With Dell EqualLogic, SMBs can now manage … Read moreThe Benefits of Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage

PowerShell is replacing CMD in next Windows 10 update

In the next big Windows 10 update (aka Creator’s Build update), PowerShell will officially replace the CMD.exe command prompt. CMD was introduced in MS-DOS back in the 80’s, so it has survived for over 35 years now. However, users can still type “CMD” on the File Explorer bar to launch the new PowerShell. So, with this … Read morePowerShell is replacing CMD in next Windows 10 update

Usefull Windows 10 Utilities

Windows 10 includes really useful tools and utilities that can help us when administering the operating system. We’ll mention some of them here Windows Accessories In Windows 10 we still have well-known Windows Accessories folder. It is available in Start Menu > All Apps > Windows Accessories. Here we see classics like Notepad, Paint, Math Input … Read moreUsefull Windows 10 Utilities