What is iSCSI

We can use iSCSI to create a Storage Area Network (SAN). iSCSI is a network protocol that encapsulates storage device communication data into IP packets for transmission over an Ethernet connection. This allows IP-connected hosts to access a Storage Area Network (SAN). Traditional Storage Area Networks are based on Fiber Channel. Fiber Channel SANs are very fast … Read more

Turn Off Windows Defender in Windows 10

Windows Defender helps protect our PC against malware like viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software. In Windows 10 we can turn off Windows Defender real-time protection, but it will only be temporary. Windows will automatically turn real-time protection back on if it’s off for a while. However, we can completely turn on or off Windows Defender for all users … Read more

Run Programs (Applications) As Administrator In Windows 10

One Time Run Some applications require a full administrator access to perform their functions or tasks. To run an application one time with a full administrator access we can locate the program icon or a shortcut in Windows Explorer, right-click it, and then select Run as administrator option. The system will display the User Access Control (UAC) message so … Read more

Setting Default Programs in Windows 8.1

Before you start Objectives: Learn where and how to configure default programs for specific file types in Windows 8.1. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: file type, configuration, Windows 8.1  Default Programs Windows 8.1 has default programs set that will launch when we double-click a file with a certain extension. For example, double-clicking a file that ends with .avi … Read more